Users compare different ride apps to search for good rates and quick service. The problem is the inconvenience in switching between apps and the time that is lost.

Interview Process

Our interviews validated that people do compared ride services to find a good deal. Moreover, interviewees shared their negative experiences paying hefty fees during surge hours.

"I used to exclusively use Uber. But after a badburn of paying $60 for a 10 minute ride, I stopped using Uber" - Armando

"Surge Prices suck!" - Lenny


Competitive Analysis

After researching for possible competitors, I noticed that there were no existing apps that compared ride services. Instead, the competitors I found were websites and most did not compare fares across all ride services. Moreover, we wanted to make to make the app achieve similar goals to that of a gps/map system with a working map and prediction of the estimated ETA. A working map and ETA feature were not evident in the competitor websites, so we thought it would give our app a competitive advantage. We later added the feature of redirecting to the actual ride service.

Group 2.png

User Flows

The journey is very straightforward and new visitors don't have to register until they have viewed the search results and would like to secure the ride.

Sample of Sketches

Sketches were kept very simple. Below is each picture is a step by step instruction of how the user would use the app. The two features we wanted to emphasize, were the search filter by price / ETA and the ability to re-direct to the desired ride service. 



Live Map

The live map feature shows the distance between your current location and your destination. It also displays the closest drivers of each ride service to your current location.

Facebook & Paypal

It would be convenient to give users the option of registering by logging onto Facebook as it is trusted social media that many people use. In the same way, we wanted to give users the option of paying through Paypal. (Using Paypal and Facebook would require gaining permission first)

Redirect to Ride Service

The last screen shows that the user can choose the desired ride and be redirected to the actual ride service. This would make it easier for the user to secure the ride and not have to open two ride apps separately.

Usability & Prototype Testing

We created task scenarios to make sure the goals for the app were met as well as to help guide our users during usability tests.


1. Imagine that you just got out of a club and have been drinking all night. You have spent all your money on drinks and you are looking for the cheapest ride home. Your friend tells you that there is an awesome new apps called "Ride Wizard" that will compare rates between services and get you the best deal. You just downloaded the app. How would you go about searching for the cheapest ride home?

2. Your in a rush to get to work for a meeting and you are looking for the ride service that will get you there the fastest. How would you go about doing that?

With these scenarios, I created the prototype using Invision. We decided to ask friends and classmates that fit our target persona to test out the prototype. Below are some pictures from our usability tests.You can find the actual prototype by going to the following link: https://invis.io/TN46GZ0BG

Usability Test Insights

Our users were able to fulfill the tasks quickly and with ease. The only minor revisions that we found necessary were word changes and adding an actual map in the prototype. For example, one of our users was confused since we used starting point and then destination. We later changed "destination" to "end point" to keep it consistent. Users also expected to see an actual map where we had a box with an X going across so we made a note to change that. 

Visual Design

Below you will find our high fidelity visual design mock up. We decided to name our new app "Ride Wizard." The word "wizard" had been used in computer technology to simplify the execution of lengthy or complicated tasks and we believe our app will simplify the task of finding the best ride.