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Business Goals

The Vice President asked for the "segregation of the website information into two separate and distinct websites." One would be retail/brand oriented, while the other would be a business oriented website.

Currently, our website is not very user-friendly as most customers call our customer service line directly instead of using the website to find information about sushi bar locations and products. I wanted to utilize my UX skills to create a more more user-friendly site.

Given the tight time constraint, I chose to create a homepage design for the retail site while my colleague would create a homepage design for the business oriented site. Using the current website, I noted all the categories/pages which could be moved to the new retail site. 


Card Sorting

To figure out the best way to organize the new retail site, I decided to use the card sorting method. First, I wrote down each of the categories that applied to the retail/branding side onto post-its.  I then thoroughly mixed up the post-its and began grouping them together based on category. If there were no post-its that could represent a group of post-its, I took a new post-it and created a new category title. 


Given only a few hours to work on this project, I was not able to go through the whole User Centered Design Process. I was forced to skip interviews, competitive analysis, userflows, sitemap, sketches, wireframes, prototyping and user testing. Instead, I researched different design strategies to organize a website with good UX. I read a couple articles including the article "4 Creative Navigation UI Patterns." ( I chose to use a similar design to the "full screen navigation" because customers were having a hard time finding the information they needed on our current website and this design makes finding everything very clear.

Visual Design

The bottom left picture is a screenshot of the current website while the bottom right is a high fidelity sample of how the new site would look like after the redesign. Although, the Katvig website that I based my design off has not scrolling function whatsoever, I wanted to keep the scrolling function so that the viewer would view categories based on how important they were to our company. Our products are what we want customers to see first and we wanted to keep the slideshow feature of the old website. If given more time, I would go through each stage of the User Centered Design Process. This could very well become a side project.